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URUGUAY XXI - Investment Opportunities

URUGUAY: ¿Why invest in tourism?




A favorable business climate with tax incentives for investors, make tourism accounted for 7% of GDP Uruguayan and generate more than 110,000 direct jobs.


The number of foreign tourists in 2015 exceeded 3 million, which added to the strong growth of domestic tourism, led to position the sector as one of the main productive activities of the country.


The country offers very attractive natural conditions for different kinds of tourism located a few kilometers apart.


The traditional sun and beach tourism and urban tourism will add rural areas and nature, thermal and relaxing, nautical, destination for congresses and events, social tourism, among others.


Major advances in infrastructure, connectivity and associated services in recent years create favorable conditions for tourism and multiply opportunities.


The sector has significant tax benefits, including exemptions from income tax, from regulation to promote the tourism sector and specific investment promotion regime for the condo hotels.








Punta del Este

The Hidden Jewel, east of Uruguay in the department of Maldonado and a few kilometers across, is Punta del Este Spa Top in Latin America with 70 km. of coastline.