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The cruise tourism is one of the tourism activities that grows in the world.

Uruguay is a clear example of this growth, with a number of visitors that increases every year.
While Montevideo and Punta del Este today are ports of call, are emerging as authentic ports basis. Varied the characteristics for which the cruisers choose these ports. The security, which is one of the most important, is in charge of the Prefecture National Shipbuilding and Tourist Police. And the warmth and friendliness of its citizens, always at the service of tourists are very rated, like the accessibility of currency exchange, the multiple options at the time to make purchases and the great gastronomy.


Services to Cruises - Montevideo

Services to Cruises Punta del Este Port

Punta del Este

The Hidden Jewel, east of Uruguay in the department of Maldonado and a few kilometers across, is Punta del Este Spa Top in Latin America with 70 km. of coastline.